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Brian Powers (BP) began studying Drums, Percussion and all hittable instruments at the age of 11. His first gig was the classic standup snare drum part of A Little Drummer Boy for an elementary school show. His next gig was playing the trap kit in his church band along with his percussion teacher who played several Mallet instruments, the teacher’s wife on Flute/Guitars and a great bassist who did a spot on impersonation of Linc Hayes from the TV series The Mod Squad, very funny stuff, and after a few months of Sundays the Bossa Nova beat was relatively mastered. Continued lessons brought forth a rudimentary knowledge of the 40 essential rudiments of drumming (ok maybe 15 of them) and after many thousands of hours spent listening to, playing along to (and holding thumb on side of LP records to slow down tempo) the drumming of Baker, Bonham, Moon, Appice, Pace, Bruford, and that Collins chap, a life long interest in drumming was instilled in Brian. Further time was spent playing in formal and informal school bands, college groups, post college projects, a myriad of musical experiences which culminated in getting a real job! Luckily (for BP) he always kept a collection of drums and other things to hit lying about the house and when the opportunity came along to join up with  Brian Filone again for some musical fun, out came the drummer boy again. 

BRIAN POWERS Drums / Percussion